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About Submerge Camera

Welcome to Submerge Camera one of the largest and most respected Underwater Camera, Waterproof Camera and Underwater Housings retailers.  At Submerge Camera, submerging cameras is what we do, it has to be right from the start.   Whether it is an underwater camera, camera and housing travel package or setting you up with a housing for your camera, Submerge Camera will put you in the right equipment from the start.

Snorkeler, wake boarder, weekend warrior scuba diver, kayaker, surfer, cave diver or professional underwater video crew our knowledgeable and experienced sales team can meet all of your needs. The Submerge Camera management and sales team has over 15 years of SCUBA diving and underwater photo and video experience, rest assured when working with Submerge Camera you will receive expert advice and equipment recommendations that right for you from the beginning.

Submerge Camera is an authorized dealer of all top manufacturers in underwater photo, video and accessories. You can rest assured if you ever have a problem with your equipment you will not only have the manufacturers support behind you but ours as well. We value each and every one of our customers.

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Email us now with all your questions: sales@submergecamera.com 

- TJ Mansfield, Owner

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