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B+W 77mm Close-up NL +2 Glass Lens




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Quick Overview

B+W 77mm Close-up NL +2 Glass Lens


B&W 77mm Close-up NL +2 Glass Lenses are the simplest and least expensive method of close-up photography. Have you ever wished that your lens could focus closer than it does? Imagine that you could put a magnifying glass in front of your camera's lens. With B&W Close-up lenses, you can dive into the world of macrophotography with a minimum of expense and with a maximum of confidence.

Close-up Strength for NL +2
The +2 diopters of this close-up lens focus at a distance of 0.5m (1-5/8') with the lens focused at infinity. For the normal lens it is a stepless extension of its close-up range to approximately 1:4.5. On short to medium telephoto lenses it extends the NL1 close-up range seamlessly (with an 85mm lens to approx. 1:3.5 and with a 135mm lens to approx. 1:2.5).



Note! B&W close-up lenses are available in different "powers" (diopters)

These lenses can be used individually or in any combination to achieve ultra-close focus
The maximum magnification achieved with these attachments will depend on the focal length of your lens as well as the actual close focusing capability of that particular lens
A +1 close-up lens will allow you to focus your lens somewhat closer than it already does; a +2 close-up lens will allow you to focus closer than the +1; a +4 lens will allow you to focus even closer than a +2
A +1 combined with a +2 will equal a +3, while a +2 combined with a +4 will equal a +6, and so on


Camera Model
Weight 1.0000

Additional Information

Manufacturer B+W


Type Close-up
Size 77mm
Grade NL +2
Filter Factor Not specified
Multi-Coated No
Rotating No
Effect Magnification beyond what your lens achieves by itself
Application Nature, product, hobby and scientific photography
Color Temperature Not applicable
Construction Schott Glass
Front Filter Thread Size 77mm
Front Lens Cap Size 77mm

Additional Information


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