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Join us on this Dive Travel adventure series as we explore the western Caribbean Bay islands 40 miles off the northeast coast of Honduras. The three main inhabited islands include Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja, all part of the second largest coral reef in the world and one of Honduras hottest attractions. Beneath the clear turquoise waters is a trove of unbelievable riches: vibrant coral, massive sponges, multicolored fish and large pelagic species, like manta rays, sea turtles, and whale sharks. Surrounded by translucent waters, painted in bold strokes of emerald greens and deep azure blue, these islands are a divers paradise, while surrounded by jungle, luxurious foliage and exotic flowers. Roatan's history comes alive with tales of pirates. As many as 5,000pirates and buccaneers used the islands as a base for attacking Spanish galleons laden with precious metals, woods, and other new world bounty. Our first stop is on Roatan. Here we stay at Anthony’s Key Resort and examine their famed Dolphin program, one of the worlds best Dolphin training centers. We also dive with reef tip sharks, and explore the beautiful coral surrounding the island. We take you topside, tour the island, and visit an Iguana farm home to over 3,000 Iguanas. Then it's on to Utila, where we stay at the Deep Blue Resort and dive the reefs and search for Whale sharks. Utila is a back packers paradise, more rustic and remote. Original music from the CD “Welcome to Roatan” by Kristofer Goldman and the Cultura Band is featured on this DVD. www.kristofergoldman.com. We hope you enjoy this DVD of the bay islands. All Dive Travel 30 minute programs are shot on location during a traditional one-week tour, which includes a full week of dives on reefs/wrecks around the area. This offers you a more realistic view of what you might actually see during your visit. Click here for a Video Preview! Availablie VIdeo Formats:


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