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Ikelite Picsio JVC-FM1 Compact HD Underwater Housing (5650.01)



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Quick Overview

Ikelite Picsio JVC-FM1 Compact HD Underwater Housing (5650.01)

Item Includes:

Vinyl Lanyard
Color Correcting Filter
Free Spare O-Ring and Grease from Submerge Camera


This Ikelite compact mechanical underwater housing is designed for the JVC Picsio GC-FM1 compact video camcorder. The housing is incredibly compact and simple to use. All camera controls are fully functional through the housing and depth rated to 200' (60m). The easy-open latch and drop-in camera loading makes setting up the housing a breeze.

The ocean is one big, blue filter. As you descend, the reds and oranges quickly become muted shades of blue and gray. The included UR/Pro color correcting filter for tropical blue water replaces some of the reds and your video will have a more natural tone. The filter is effective in 80' of water or less, depending on conditions. The optional #6441.71 color filter is available for use in green water.

Another way to correct for underwater color loss is by shining a color corrected light source on your subject. The Ikelite Pro-V8 LED Video Lite is perfect to bring back the ocean's true colors. The Pro-V8 features a warm, even 45° beam angle with a 10-hour burn time. The flex arm allows the light to be repositioned effortlessly. The optional Video Compact Tray #9523.51 is required.

The closer you are to your subject the better your underwater video will be. The use of a wide-angle lens allows this to happen. By eliminating as much water as possible between you and your subject, you will increase contrast and improving color. You can attach the optional 67mm threaded #6420 Ikelite W-20 lens to the housing using the optional port adapter #9306.78. The wide-angle conversion lens can be attached and removed when underwater for maximum versatility.


Built with strong and corrosion resistant, clear polycarbonate injection molded material, allowing visual inspection of the camcorder, control functions, and all sealing surfaces
Dependable mechanical controls are sealed with Quad-Ring seal glands
Color Corrector Filter
The UR/Pro color-correcting filter enhances the warm reds and oranges that are lost underwater. The filter secures to the outside of the port offering easy installation and removal. Provides quality results with available sunlight underwater to 80' depth
67mm wide-angle lenses are compatible with the optional port adapter #9306.78


Camera Model
Weight 3.0000

Additional Information

Manufacturer Ikelite

Size and Weight. 5.5" wide x 4.25" high x 3.0" deep ( including controls and lens port ). 14cm x 11cm x 7.6cm. Housing with camera weighs less than 1.25lb (0.56kg) above water. Neutrally buoyant underwater.

Additional Information

Housing only, Camera not included.

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