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Ikelite Sony WX50 Underwater Housing (6214.05)



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Quick Overview

Ikelite Sony WX50 Underwater Housing (6214.05)

Item Includes:

Flash Diffuser
Flash Deflector
Vinyl Port Cover
Vinyl Break-Away Lanyard
Free Spare O-Ring and Grease from Submerge Camera


The Ikelite ULTRAcompact digital housing really delivers when performance and durability matter. The ULTRAcompact housing is high quality, built to last and backed by Ikelite's reputation for excellence.


Ease of use:

A great system for beginner and intermediate divers looking for a small, simple system to shoot both stills and videos. Automatic modes make photos and video a breeze allowing you to simply turn on the camera, point and shoot. Both stills and video are accessible on a single dive if set to camera mode prior to installation in the housing. Scene selections are accessible using the Menu button


Recommended Accessories

AF35 AutoFlash: An underwater strobe is able to travel farther and cover more area than the built-in flash. The AF35 is an automatic optical slave strobe featuring large, simple to use controls and exposure adjustment capabilities. The flash comes complete with tray and handle for the ultimate value in external flash. No fiber optic cable needed, just attach it and shoot!


PRO-V8 LED video light:

For additional lighting when using the camera's movie mode and to aid in focus


Color filters:

Replace some of the reds, oranges and more natural tones that would otherwise be lost as sunlight is filtered by water. For use without a strobe. Available for tropical blue or green water settings.


Drop-in camera loading

See the o-ring seal

Compatible with wide angle and macro lenses

200ft (60m) depth rating


Camera Model Sony WX50
Weight 3.0000

Additional Information

Manufacturer Ikelite
Specifications Controls: All camera controls except Mode Switch and Control Wheel Width: 5.8in (147mm) including controls Height: 4.4in (112mm) including controls Depth: 3.7in (94mm) including controls Weight: 1.1lb (500g) Buoyancy: Slightly positive in freshwater Depth Rating: 200ft (60m) Built-in Flash: Yes Strobe Connection: Slave Tray Mounting: 12-24 thread with 3in spacing (76mm) Main O-Ring: 0132.45 Port O-Ring: 0134.33 Port Outer Diameter: 2.2" (56mm) Port Thread Diameter: 46mm Blue Water Filter: 6441.32 Green Water Filter: 6441.72 Use 46mm Lenses: Yes, moderate to extreme vignetting with wide angle lenses Use 67mm Lenses: With 9306.81 Adapter, moderate to extreme vignetting with wide angle lenses Use Bayonet Lenses: With 9306.79 Adapter, Inon UWL-105AD and UFL-165AD not recomemended Use WD-4 Dome: No
Additional Information No
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