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Ikelite Smart Charger for SubStrobes with AC Adapters (4066.1)



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Ikelite Smart Charger for SubStrobes with AC Adapters (4066.1)


The Ikelite smart charger with USA, Euro, UK and Australian plugs features negative delta-v pulse charge technology to provide more complete charging while keeping the batteries cool for longer battery life. It also conditions the cells and usually provides more flashes per charge. Auto-ranging input allows it to operate anywhere with 100-240 volt supply making it ideal for the traveling diver, and this charger is less likely to fail when used with poorly regulated power sources. Two LED indicators show continuity and state of charge. The charger plugs directly into the Ikelite SubStrobe 125 and SubStrobe 200 ni-cad packs. The 125 charges completely in 1.5 hours; the 200 in 2.5 hours. The Substrobe 150, 225, 300 and 400 packs require #4063.51 adapter and charge in 5 hours. Video-Lite 45 and Modular Super Lite ni-cad packs are now supplied with a second socket to accept the Smart Charger. Older packs can be returned to Ikelite to add the socket. The charger is configured to charge packs of 6 ni-cad "C" or "D" cells only. It can be used on Ikelite's Super C-Lite HRechargeable, and it can be used with the Sea & Sea 300 strobe. It is not adaptable to four-cell packs, but can be used with Ikelite's rechargeable RCD Lite and the optional ni-cad packs for the Substrobe Ai and Substrobe 100a because of the special diode configuration in these packs.


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