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Intova Magenta Filter for Freshwater Diving (IFMAG SP1)



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Intova Magenta Filter for Freshwater Diving (IFMAG SP1)


Intova Magenta Filter for Freshwater Diving (IFMAG SP1) Items Included: Intova Magenta Filter for SP1 Sport HD Camera Lanyard Tether 1-Year Limited Warranty


The Intova Magenta Filter for Intova SP1 Sport HD Camera is a filter primarily aimed at shooting video in freshwater at depths below twenty feet. It fits the Sport HD digital video camera, and reduces the greenish cast that affects images captured in freshwater when shooting 20 feet or more below the surface. However, using the filter when shooting close to the surface will add a magenta cast to your image, so Intova recommends its use only at depths of twenty feet or deeper. Although you can shoot without the filter, your footage will require postproduction color correction to remove the greenish hue. This can cause artifacts in your image, and limits your creative choices. The magenta filter will provide you a more natural looking image without color correction, and more flexibility to tweak your image without degrading it. The filter is an optically flat acrylic filter, and comes with a lanyard so you can safety it to the camera, and have it nearby when not in use. Slips on to the lens of the Intova SP1 Sport HD Camera. The surfaces of the filter are optically flat, for distortion free underwater videography. Reduces the green cast of images shot in fresh water below twenty feet, as the longer frequencies of light are the first ones absorbed by the water. Intova does not recommend this filter for use at depths above twenty feet, as it may add too much magenta to your image. The filter is designed for use in freshwater diving, as freshwater tends to develop a greenish cast, while saltwater tends to develop a blue cast. However, you can use the filter to color balance your footage, when diving in salt water with a greenish cast. Unlike filters with a color core sandwiched between two layers of clear glass that can delaminate when water seeps between the layers, this filter is made from solid acrylic with the magenta color mixed into the filter so there are no layers to delaminate.


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Weight 1.5000

Additional Information

Manufacturer Intova
Specifications Construction Filter: Acrylic O-ring: Neoprene Plastic ring: Polyoxymethylene Filter Composition Color mixed into optically flat acrylic Coatings AR: No Light Loss Approximately 1 stop (50%) Mounting Slip-on Diameter Internal: 2.04" (52 mm) External: 2.24" (57 mm) Thickness 0.39" (10 mm) Weight 0.8 oz (22.7 g)
Additional Information No
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