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Olympus PT-051 Underwater Housing for TG-610 and TG-810 Cameras




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Olympus PT-051 Underwater Housing for TG-610 and TG-810


The Olympus PT-051 Underwater Housing for TG-610 / TG-810 is a durable polycarbonate waterproof case for the Olympus Tough Series TG-610 and TG-810 waterproof digital cameras. While your TG series camera can already be safely used down to a depth of 16' (5 m), this housing is depth rated to 131' (40 m), allowing you to go way deeper. All camera functions are fully accessible through the housing, which also features a detachable LCD hood for your camera's display screen. The PT-051 has neutral buoyancy underwater and comes with a screw mount for converter lenses and filters, which are sold separately. Accessory lenses can enhance your underwater photography experience by allowing you to get better close-up shots with greater magnification, or by giving you a wider angle of coverage. Color correction filters help replace some of the reds, oranges and more natural tones that tend to get lost beneath the surface, ensuring that your images appear vibrant and accurate. The camera's built-in flash can be used within the housing to trigger a digital compatible underwater slave for improved lighting. A standard tripod socket permits the attachment of a lighting tray, giving you the option of attaching accessory arms for versatile, adjustable lighting. The PTAC-08 Adapter (included) is required in order to attach your TG-610 camera to the PT-051 housing, and the PTAC-09 Adapter (also included) is required in order to attach the TG-810. Construction Durable polycarbonate protects camera against shock, collisions and the underwater elements Controls All camera functions fully accessible through housing Buoyancy Neutral underwater Detachable LCD Hood A convenient way of shielding your LCD monitor from harsh, unwanted light and thus improving visibility Screw Mount Permits attachment of converter lenses and filters which can enhance your photography by allowing you to get closer to your subject, giving you a wider angle of coverage, and / or replacing colors typically lost underwater to give you vibrant, color-rich and accurate images of your subject Internal Flash Usable underwater, so you can trigger a digital compatible slave to enhance your lighting Standard Tripod Socket Lets you attach lighting tray, which enables mounting of accessory arms that help you position and adjust lights PTAC-08 / PTAC-09 Adapters Included PTAC-08 Adapter required for attachment of TG-610 to housing, and PTAC-09 required for attachment of TG-810 - lucky for you, both of these come in the box Depth Rated 131' (40 m)


Camera Model Olympus TG-610, Olympus TG-810
Weight 3.0000

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