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Polar Pro Polarizing Filter



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Polar Pro Polarizing Filter


How It works Polar Pro Polarizer Filters These are small Polarizer filters which fit in between the GoPro HD and HD2 camera and the waterproof housing. The problem the GoPro cameras have in bright light is they have a fixed aperture.This means that the camera will let too much light when there is a lot of light present. Our polarizer filter blocks light with a certain wavelength, which is light that is reflected off of object. This is most commonly glare from water, snow, and light reflecting off water particles on the sky. The polarizer filter prevents this "reflected light' from entering the camera. The coolest thing about our polarizer is that it does not block out the other non reflective wavelengths that produce vibrant colors. When using the polarizer filter it extracts the bad light and still allows great coloration to pass thorough, something a Neutral Density filter will not do. You will only want to use these filters in partly cloudy to sunny conditions because when there is no light out the slight tint will make it even darker. Polar Pro Filters were originally designed for use while filming in the snow. We have found that they need be used in a lot of other circumstances as well to produce the production quality video you want. The Filters have the most effect around snow and WATER . The filter will correctly expose the snow, allowing you too see much greater detail.. It also cuts the glare from water down so you can actually see the wave, not just a bright washed out color. The filter can also be used to capture production quality video anywhere outdoors when it is bright. If you have further questions feel free to ask us!


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